Buzz B Berkeley and the Portland Trailblazers

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My Love/Hate relationship continues! This organization is such a mess… it’s total chaos down there at TB Central!

I have inside information here… inside my head… I hear voices you know! Once in awhile my voices tell me rumors, sometimes they tell me more than that… sometimes they even speak truth! I never know what to believe until it’s confirmed in the various “trusted” sources.

So, what’s up with the Trailblazers anyway? What do my voices tell me about their recent decisions? Why did they do the massive dance on March 15th? What was their motivation?

Well, let’s start with the Coach. He was fired because he could no longer “fire em up”. He couldn’t get anything out of his players…. his fault???? I’m not so sure.

The fans loved Gerald Wallace… so why trade him? Why couldn’t “coach” get the fire back in him? My voices say that he just wasn’t into the game anymore. He had more pressing issues that he’s been handling (or trying to). He’s going through a life changing event that is consuming him… he’s getting a divorce… and they’re never pleasant… maybe downright nasty????

Marcus Camby was also a fan fav, but he too was no longer performing. My “guess” is that he’s been consumed also… not by something so temporary as divorce, but on-going, lingering, mind and body consuming something… like Train sang, “don’t know what I was on, but think it grows in Oregon, so I kept on going, going right on through”. That’s the only “logical” explanation for his lack of enthusiasm and poor performance. hmmmmm could be???

Greg Oden… NOT a fan fav… but deserves mention here as a point to how low the TBs have sunk. I’ve NEVER liked this guy. I was sooooo upset when they drafted him over Kevin Durant (I was STILL smarting over the Sam Bowie / Michael Jordan mistake). And I was right! But I think it goes way beyond his fragile knees. I think he has mental problems as well. I believe he’s an Alcoholic… boy, those voices of mine are stretching here – aren’t they?

And as you know, my personal favorite punching bag is: Paul Allen… Wow what can I say that I haven’t already told you? Even my voices scream at me about this guy!

He WILL sell the team! That according to my loudest voices… the quieter ones say that he’s opened up huge salary opportunities, gotten some great help in the upcoming draft (thanks to the Net’s stupidity) and therefore will stick it out for one more season. BUT – somewhere out there is a person or a group that knows a good deal can be made, and it’s time to strike that deal!

So, goodbye to all above, and I’m glad they’re gone (and my voices tell me why I’m glad) Join me in those beliefs, or don’t… either way, I’d like hear from you….

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