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Finally! I put my books on this blog. You’ll find them to your right. Just click on the image of my books to see them all!

Buzz B Berkeley's Books on Gambling

Buzz B Berkeley’s Books on Gambling

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Winning Craps Money – 2012

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I just released my latest digital version of “Winning Craps Money” for the Amazon Kindle. There are no changes in the strategies, but I added new pictures and some practice session tables.

I inserted two “optional plays” that I hadn’t covered in the last version; “Oddsman Betting” and “Don’t Buys”.

The Clickbank version will soon be changed as well.

Yesterday, Amazon shipped my new proofs to me, after they arrive, I’ll be making the soft-cover book available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and in their stores as well. I’ll be putting up the iBook version soon too.

This morning I was asked a question by a reader (Thanks P. Shumanski)…

“Just read the new version of your e book on craps. Very good! I have a question you may want the reader to know. If you have say 4 numbers covered and the point is 6, the shooter makes the point and you lose the 6 but still have 3 covered numbers left on the table. On the come out roll the shooter rolls a 7 and both sides win, you and the shooter. Do you bet against him on the new come out point since he rolled a natural 7 even though we won?”

That’s a great question, and the answer is:

Read the rest…

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Gambling and the Churches

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I am so pissed! I just read a Christian article on the evils of gambling. Whether or not you choose to believe that Gambling is evil is up to you… but you can’t be swayed by the foolish arguments in the article I just read. I’m not going to tell you where to find the article because I don’t want trouble, but mostly because I don’t want them to benefit from my large group of readers! I AM however, going to quote extensively from the rubbish that the writer (R. Mohler) professes (and probably fully believes).

First, he states that 1/3 of the nation’s money is spent on Gambling. If you read my posts, you know that he’s dead wrong! Truth is; 100% of all the World’s money is spent on gambling! Whether you put it under your mattress (a real gamble) or put it into savings (a real gamble) or spend it (a real gamble) it’s spent on gambling. It’s a gamble when you buy a stock, bond or commodity (but he probably thinks THAT’S alright!) It’s a gamble when you buy insurance… you know what… it’s a gamble when you pick out one head of cauliflower over the others… or when you buy cauliflower at all. More than just spending your money  goes through the process of gambling… do you not think that picking your spouse was a gamble? Yes, Christians and non-Christians… EVERY single decision you make is a gamble.

He then goes on to enlighten us with this gem: “The basic impulse behind gambling is greed-a basic sin that is the father of many other evils.” Greed – isn’t that the reason we all go to work everyday????? Isn’t that the reason we “gamble” on those aforementioned, socially acceptable stocks????? If you hear someone say that money makes the world go ’round… you’re listening to a greedy person.

Read the rest…

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Yahoo Drops Gambling – Because of Microsoft

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I hope you all hate (hmmmm dislike) Microsoft. If not for their poor (Horrible) products, then for their poor (Horrible) business practices. (Don’t get me started – ’cause it goes all the way back to their early days – read about those pirates yourself).

Now, our beloved Yahoo has decided to get into bed with the Redmond, WA bandits. They’re merging their Search Marketing with (gag) Bing!

We who love Gambling (and that really includes EVERYONE – if you don’t believe me – stop buying Stocks, Bonds, Insurance Policies, and picking your Mate) had to leave Google… and now Yahoo too!

Read the rest…


Beating the Casinos is worth a trip to California…

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There is a (silly?) law in California that in essence states that an outcome cannot be determined by a roll of dice.

So, where does that put us Craps players? The answer is GREAT news!

California law says that instead of using dice in a gambling game, casinos must use either cards or a combination of cards and dice.

Without going into the math of how many cards to use, let me just say that 264 is the magic number. And for this post, I’m going to concentrate on one Casino that uses 264 cards numbering Ace (1) through six. No other cards are used.

That Casino is in San Diego (Alpine), and it’s called Viejas!

Now, let me tell you why the news is so good: Read the rest…

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Buzz B Berkeley’s New Year’s Predictions… Only One, But It’s HUGE!

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OK – this is the time of year for my predictions. I love this tradition, but I’m going to break it this year because I believe in focused energy.

I believe in the power of attraction. I believe in Karma.

So, I’ve decided to really focus my attention, karma, and energy on only one prediction… Read the rest…

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Top Ten Reasons to Play Craps

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Okay, regular readers know why I love craps. But the occasional readers and the new subscribers might be wondering, “What makes Craps So Special”?

So, without further ado, here’s the list of the Top Ten Reasons to Play Craps: Read the rest…


Craps + New Software = Profits For You!

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This week, I found:

a new Screen Capture Software

a new Craps Game Software

a new VoiceOver Software

… So, I wanted to try them all out.

It’s not always a good idea to try them all at once when you’ve not worked with them before.

Read the rest…

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What Does Money Management Really Mean?

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Today, I received the following email from one of my readers:

Dear Buzz,

I’m astounded by your free article on how to win baccarat. However, to complete the system it requires another part such as money management or whatever. Please advise.

Thank you,
Patrick Tuat

I started to answer Patrick with the usual tips and strategies re “Money Management”, when it occurred to me that the truth must be understood. I mean, it’s all well and good to talk about goals, deadlines, bankrolls, progressions etc., but the truth is: Read the rest…

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Increase Your Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Bankroll

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Now THAT’S a goal we all share: How to increase our Bankroll.

Today, I’m planning to show you how to increase your Gambling Bankroll – While You’re Driving to The Casino!

That’s a sneaky way of getting you to a website I’ve installed and a HUGE increase in your mileage. Yes, you can double or even triple your gas mileage in your present vehicle. Read the rest…

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How To Pick the Winning Table at the Casino.

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You decided on the Casino, now how do you decide on which Craps
table to play?

Of course your first consideration will be the table odds. The more
the merrier! That’s true ONLY if the table odds of any given table
fits within this session’s bankroll.. Read the rest…

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What Games Do You Play When You Hit The Casino?

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Today, I’m walking you through the Casino, and I want to expose
the best strategies along the way.

First, if you want free money Read the rest…

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My Craps Story – or how I learned to win $20 per minute

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I enjoyed following the crowd and playing all the games I wanted to play, and skipping Craps because it intimidated me.

This went on for years. I heard the crowds yelling and screaming at the Craps tables, and it constantly called to me – “Try me”, “try me”… so, I’d walk over to the table (or pass by it) with the idea to jump in… I’d watch the confusing banter, the flying fists of chips, and all the betting spots on the table and just kept moving on to something much easier.

It was way too daunting. I didn’t want to join because I didn’t understand the game nor the many, many betting opportunities. I didn’t want to look and sound stupid! I just didn’t have a clue how to play.

Read the rest…

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Back by Popular Demand – BOG Casino

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Buzz on gambling Casino Home PageI’ve had many questions from the thousands who have viewed my Videos on Craps. A surprising number of the questions are about the Casino I used for the videos, so I decided to reopen it…

BOG Casino

In addition to recording my training videos and my marketing videos there, I just enjoy playing there.

Read the rest…

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Las Vegas – Dos and Don’ts

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How long has it been since you’ve visited Las Vegas? If it’s been more than a blink of your eye, you won’t recognize it the next time you’re there!

I’ve learned to never expect the same LV that I remember. It’s a constantly evolving city that never sleeps! I know New York claims that distinction… but c’mon, you won’t see such drastic changes in NYC that you do in LV.

In Las Vegas, it’s Hotels down, followed by Hotels up. Six hotels have been imploded there in the last 10 years. And the newer hotels can hardly be classified as hotels… that term is to be reserved for other cities. So don’t expect the great “hotel bargains” and “free stuff” of the past. They disappeared with the $.99 dinners.

Read the rest…

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Online Gambling Site 101 – Internet Marketing Casinos

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STOP! Read the following first before tossing that dice. It may save you tons of money and a lot of heartaches.

Many gambling sites offer several promotional incentives like bonuses, guarantees, equal winning opportunities, multiple/solo player modes, higher bet limits and a whole lot more that can be quite dizzying and makes you leap into them before looking into what they really offer.

Let’s try and have a look first before you throw down that dice and before you throw away your hard-earned money and miss out on all the fun that thousands of gambling sites offer.

Read the rest…

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