Gambling and the Churches

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I am so pissed! I just read a Christian article on the evils of gambling. Whether or not you choose to believe that Gambling is evil is up to you… but you can’t be swayed by the foolish arguments in the article I just read. I’m not going to tell you where to find the article because I don’t want trouble, but mostly because I don’t want them to benefit from my large group of readers! I AM however, going to quote extensively from the rubbish that the writer (R. Mohler) professes (and probably fully believes).

First, he states that 1/3 of the nation’s money is spent on Gambling. If you read my posts, you know that he’s dead wrong! Truth is; 100% of all the World’s money is spent on gambling! Whether you put it under your mattress (a real gamble) or put it into savings (a real gamble) or spend it (a real gamble) it’s spent on gambling. It’s a gamble when you buy a stock, bond or commodity (but he probably thinks THAT’S alright!) It’s a gamble when you buy insurance… you know what… it’s a gamble when you pick out one head of cauliflower over the others… or when you buy cauliflower at all. More than just spending your money  goes through the process of gambling… do you not think that picking your spouse was a gamble? Yes, Christians and non-Christians… EVERY single decision you make is a gamble.

He then goes on to enlighten us with this gem: “The basic impulse behind gambling is greed-a basic sin that is the father of many other evils.” Greed – isn’t that the reason we all go to work everyday????? Isn’t that the reason we “gamble” on those aforementioned, socially acceptable stocks????? If you hear someone say that money makes the world go ’round… you’re listening to a greedy person.

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Belmont Stakes – Animal Kingdom will NOT win!

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The great equalizer visits New York’s Belmont Stakes! [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

All this week, I felt pretty confident that AK would take this race. It definitely was his to lose! The race between between AK and Shackleford proved to be the ONLY thing to consider.

After all, S loves the front end, but can’t hold on… AK loves to come from behind to take the win… especially since the Belmont is the longest race of the Triple Crown at a mile and a half!!

How could a come-from-behind horse with the stamina of AK NOT win???

Answer: When the great equalizer comes to the track! Read the rest…

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Yahoo Drops Gambling – Because of Microsoft

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I hope you all hate (hmmmm dislike) Microsoft. If not for their poor (Horrible) products, then for their poor (Horrible) business practices. (Don’t get me started – ’cause it goes all the way back to their early days – read about those pirates yourself).

Now, our beloved Yahoo has decided to get into bed with the Redmond, WA bandits. They’re merging their Search Marketing with (gag) Bing!

We who love Gambling (and that really includes EVERYONE – if you don’t believe me – stop buying Stocks, Bonds, Insurance Policies, and picking your Mate) had to leave Google… and now Yahoo too!

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HaHa – funny Gamblers’ Stories seem to find me.

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I attended an event this weekend, and when the word got out to the group that I was a Gambler… the stories began. Everyone seems to have a funny story about their Gambling adventures, and this one really cracked me up…

Robert was often found at the local Greyhound Track. He admits that he was a regular there. I too found the attraction unavoidable. If you’re a good speed handicapper, Dog Racing is your gamble of choice. In Dog Racing, NOTHING beats pure speed. Robert liked the dogs because he’d observed a Jockey pulling back (obviously with ALL his might) on his mount at the local Horse Racing Track. It seems the horse was in front by two full lengths when the Jockey applied the brakes. “Dogs don’t carry those Damn Jockeys” said Robert.

But I digress… Robert’s story goes like this:

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