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Finally! I put my books on this blog. You’ll find them to your right. Just click on the image of my books to see them all!

Buzz B Berkeley's Books on Gambling

Buzz B Berkeley’s Books on Gambling

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Winning Craps Money – 2012

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I just released my latest digital version of “Winning Craps Money” for the Amazon Kindle. There are no changes in the strategies, but I added new pictures and some practice session tables.

I inserted two “optional plays” that I hadn’t covered in the last version; “Oddsman Betting” and “Don’t Buys”.

The Clickbank version will soon be changed as well.

Yesterday, Amazon shipped my new proofs to me, after they arrive, I’ll be making the soft-cover book available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and in their stores as well. I’ll be putting up the iBook version soon too.

This morning I was asked a question by a reader (Thanks P. Shumanski)…

“Just read the new version of your e book on craps. Very good! I have a question you may want the reader to know. If you have say 4 numbers covered and the point is 6, the shooter makes the point and you lose the 6 but still have 3 covered numbers left on the table. On the come out roll the shooter rolls a 7 and both sides win, you and the shooter. Do you bet against him on the new come out point since he rolled a natural 7 even though we won?”

That’s a great question, and the answer is:

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Gambling and the Churches

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I am so pissed! I just read a Christian article on the evils of gambling. Whether or not you choose to believe that Gambling is evil is up to you… but you can’t be swayed by the foolish arguments in the article I just read. I’m not going to tell you where to find the article because I don’t want trouble, but mostly because I don’t want them to benefit from my large group of readers! I AM however, going to quote extensively from the rubbish that the writer (R. Mohler) professes (and probably fully believes).

First, he states that 1/3 of the nation’s money is spent on Gambling. If you read my posts, you know that he’s dead wrong! Truth is; 100% of all the World’s money is spent on gambling! Whether you put it under your mattress (a real gamble) or put it into savings (a real gamble) or spend it (a real gamble) it’s spent on gambling. It’s a gamble when you buy a stock, bond or commodity (but he probably thinks THAT’S alright!) It’s a gamble when you buy insurance… you know what… it’s a gamble when you pick out one head of cauliflower over the others… or when you buy cauliflower at all. More than just spending your money  goes through the process of gambling… do you not think that picking your spouse was a gamble? Yes, Christians and non-Christians… EVERY single decision you make is a gamble.

He then goes on to enlighten us with this gem: “The basic impulse behind gambling is greed-a basic sin that is the father of many other evils.” Greed – isn’t that the reason we all go to work everyday????? Isn’t that the reason we “gamble” on those aforementioned, socially acceptable stocks????? If you hear someone say that money makes the world go ’round… you’re listening to a greedy person.

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Yahoo Drops Gambling – Because of Microsoft

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I hope you all hate (hmmmm dislike) Microsoft. If not for their poor (Horrible) products, then for their poor (Horrible) business practices. (Don’t get me started – ’cause it goes all the way back to their early days – read about those pirates yourself).

Now, our beloved Yahoo has decided to get into bed with the Redmond, WA bandits. They’re merging their Search Marketing with (gag) Bing!

We who love Gambling (and that really includes EVERYONE – if you don’t believe me – stop buying Stocks, Bonds, Insurance Policies, and picking your Mate) had to leave Google… and now Yahoo too!

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Las Vegas Strip benefits on Baccarat

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Las Vegas Strip benefits on Baccarat

22 February 2010

By Howard Stutz

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The two-week-long Chinese New Year celebration is in full swing on the Strip.

But to casino operators, a five-month stretch at the end of last year seemed like a giant baccarat game.

In 2009, statewide and Strip gaming revenues took their largest single-year tumble since Nevada began keeping record 55 years ago.

But without the figures from baccarat, the casino industry would have experienced an even worse decline.

On the Strip, Read the rest…

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Las Vegas – Dos & Don’ts

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How long has it been since you’ve visited Las Vegas? If it’s been more than a blink of your eye, you won’t recognize it the next time you’re there!

I’ve learned to never expect the same Las Vegas that I remember. It’s a constantly evolving city that never sleeps! I know New York claims that distinction… but c’mon, you won’t see such drastic changes in NYC that you do in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, it’s Hotels down, followed by Hotels up. Six hotels have been imploded there in the last 10 years. And the newer hotels can hardly be classified as hotels… that term is to be reserved for other cities. So don’t expect the great “hotel bargains” and “free stuff” of the past. They disappeared with the $.99 dinners.

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Want To Get Over 60 Miles To The Gallon?

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How about 90 Miles to the Gallon?

Are you able to buy a new car?


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What Games Do You Play When You Hit The Casino?

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Today, I’m walking you through the Casino, and I want to expose
the best strategies along the way.

First, if you want free money Read the rest…

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How To Get Free Poker Advice From the Professional Players

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Do you know how to play AQo? Do you know WHEN to play that starting hand? Do you understand the importance of position? Do you know when to play tight poker? Loose, Aggressive Poker? Do you know when and how to Bluff? Do you know how strategies differ between Cash Games and Tournament Play?

Unless you can immediately answer those questions and hundreds more like them, you should at least know where to get the CORRECT answers!

Online articles, chats, and websites created by poker professionals are useful sources for great information, advice, and poker strategies. These sites range in topics from bluffing strategies to common mistakes that novices make. The House of Cards is a website that offers multimedia poker instructions from poker legends like Mike Caro and Lou Krieger.

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My Personal Update on Sports Betting and Casino Bonuses

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I’ve been unable to post for some time now as I’m involved in a project that is about to launch… stay tuned… you’ll hear about it first!

Meanwhile, my update:

First: The NBA Betting System is still perfect and going strong (it’s now 30 – 0 for the current season).

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I’ve Found Great Resources for Last-Minute Travel Plans

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… so I wrote a book! It began as I searched and searched for a bargain to get to Las Vegas for an event that was starting that very day… the search fascinated me as much as the results… read on to see what I discovered:

When you are trying to find travel bargains and discounts, coupons and special deals for any and all last minute, short-notice and 11th hour travel needs and requirements. , I can offer lots of help!

There are industry consolidators and travel brokers, super-saver air-tickets and travel packages or discount bundles that will all become part of your travel and booking ‘vocabulary’. These are the nuts and bolts of the discount travel industry market sectors for “quickies”.

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It’s Football Season…

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When summer’s in its last stages, something great happens… [tag-self]Football[/tag-self]!

And with it comes numerous opportunities; [tag-self]parties[/tag-self], [tag-self]food[/tag-self], [tag-self]TV[/tag-self], [tag-self]wagers[/tag-self], and all of it… Exciting!

So, here is my “[tag-self]recipe[/tag-self]” for fun… grab some of these goodies and the fun never stops!

The Blind Side: Evolution of a GameThe Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

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Magic Wins at Roulette… Everytime!

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I wish it were so easy….

Have you played Roulette?

Have you Won at Roulette? Really?

As I see it, there are two ways to beat the wheel…

1) Use Magic

2) Use Science

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How to See Your Opponents Hole Cards

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A good friend of mine has gone over the edge….

He’s gone to the Dark Side

I tried to stop him,,, I tried to help him….

But to no avail….

He’s now doing……. WAIT – Let HIM tell you personally. You see, he sent an email to me, and I want you to see what I mean:

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Baccarat – Beyond the Basics

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In a earlier article, I wrote that ALL you need to do while playing Baccarat is to decide whether to bet “Banker” or “Player”. I advised against betting on a tie, so that left ONLY that one decision to make.

Either place your bet in the area marked “Banker”, and if the bank wins, so do you.

Or, place your bet in the area marked “Player”, and if the player wins, you do also. Note: the ONLY difference in pay-out is that the Casino takes a 5% commission on all winning “Banker” bets, and none on winning “Player” bets.

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Baccarat Made Easy!

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I’m often asked about Casino games, and a common question is “What’s the Easiest Casino Game to Play?”

Of course, that’s a difficult question to answer, and yet an easy one to answer as well.

Let me explain….

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Online Casino Expert ‘Breaks the Rules’

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I came across a new site the other day, Casino Cash Cow and as
you may know I am very skeptical when it comes to sites that claim
to be able to beat roulette or blackjack.

But I thought I would read it anyway and see what new piece of
rubbish was out, claiming to always beat the house etc.

To my surprise this guy actually admits that it is not possible to beat
roulette or blackjack! This was different, I was intrigued and had to
find out…

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