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Finally! I put my books on this blog. You’ll find them to your right. Just click on the image of my books to see them all!

Buzz B Berkeley's Books on Gambling

Buzz B Berkeley’s Books on Gambling

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Winning Craps Money – 2012

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I just released my latest digital version of “Winning Craps Money” for the Amazon Kindle. There are no changes in the strategies, but I added new pictures and some practice session tables.

I inserted two “optional plays” that I hadn’t covered in the last version; “Oddsman Betting” and “Don’t Buys”.

The Clickbank version will soon be changed as well.

Yesterday, Amazon shipped my new proofs to me, after they arrive, I’ll be making the soft-cover book available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and in their stores as well. I’ll be putting up the iBook version soon too.

This morning I was asked a question by a reader (Thanks P. Shumanski)…

“Just read the new version of your e book on craps. Very good! I have a question you may want the reader to know. If you have say 4 numbers covered and the point is 6, the shooter makes the point and you lose the 6 but still have 3 covered numbers left on the table. On the come out roll the shooter rolls a 7 and both sides win, you and the shooter. Do you bet against him on the new come out point since he rolled a natural 7 even though we won?”

That’s a great question, and the answer is:

Read the rest…

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Hot Tip Coming…

First, let me introduce you to a great meal. Last night, I went to “Treasures” in Las Vegas. Now, now… don’t  go haywire on me… Yes, it’s a strip club – but I only read the articles – LOL

If you take a severe left after entering… you’ll find yourself in a well maintained (it’s fairly new anyway), darkly lit, European atmosphere with deep chairs and high backs… pretty private!

OK – now the good part: I had what I believe to be… the second best Porterhouse I’ve ever eaten!! Read the rest…


Las Vegas – Dos & Don’ts

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How long has it been since you’ve visited Las Vegas? If it’s been more than a blink of your eye, you won’t recognize it the next time you’re there!

I’ve learned to never expect the same Las Vegas that I remember. It’s a constantly evolving city that never sleeps! I know New York claims that distinction… but c’mon, you won’t see such drastic changes in NYC that you do in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, it’s Hotels down, followed by Hotels up. Six hotels have been imploded there in the last 10 years. And the newer hotels can hardly be classified as hotels… that term is to be reserved for other cities. So don’t expect the great “hotel bargains” and “free stuff” of the past. They disappeared with the $.99 dinners.

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Another Freebie – this one’s for you highrollers!

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Many of my readers have written to me about the great fun you’re
having on the free betting sites that I’ve recommended. If you’re
one of them, hold on, I’ve got something incredible for you.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, let me explain…

You can now bet online on your favorite teams (or boxers, or tennis
players etc etc etc) risking None of your own money, but you are
able to collect real money when you win.

Read the rest…

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Can You Really Make Money At Sports Betting?

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Everybody loves the idea of making money at sports betting.  Who hasn’t predicted a Super Bowl or World Series and yelled, “I told you so!” only to be pelted with eggs and tomatoes?

It’s true, nobody likes a braggart. However, why waste your time and energy predicting games between friends when you can make real money for your knowledge through sports betting? Read the rest…

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A Review of the Ultimate Sports Betting System

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Have you been disappointed in sports betting systems before?

No surprise there, as there are many scam companies and legitimate companies that just can’t predict sports worth a dime.

How do you know what betting system really works?

And how  can people be expected to make money at such unpredictable events? 

Well, the more you watch professional sports, the more you start to realize that there is some predictability, based on such factors as statistics, team analysis and other environmental factors.  There are professional sports gamblers who know the sport so well they are capable of making a profit by predicting the results, just as easily if they were playing Blackjack in Vegas. It’s all a matter of learning the sport. Read the rest…

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Want To Get Over 60 Miles To The Gallon?

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How about 90 Miles to the Gallon?

Are you able to buy a new car?


Read the rest…

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WIN this Classic 72 SS El Camino

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Howdja like to drive a Classic this summer?

Howdja like to pay $5 for it? Read the rest…

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Increase Your Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Bankroll

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Now THAT’S a goal we all share: How to increase our Bankroll.

Today, I’m planning to show you how to increase your Gambling Bankroll – While You’re Driving to The Casino!

That’s a sneaky way of getting you to a website I’ve installed and a HUGE increase in your mileage. Yes, you can double or even triple your gas mileage in your present vehicle. Read the rest…

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SuperBowl Halftime Party…

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I’m looking forward to the game on Sunday!

I’m throwing a party… are you? If you are, QUICKLY check out the “Football Goodies” page above or to the right… grab your supplies NOW. BUT… How’s THIS for a fun idea…

A friend of mine is throwing a “Halftime Sale”…

If you are into Internet Marketing or have considered it, or are curious about it, or want to know how to make an income online, check this out:

Read the rest…

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