Gambling and the Churches

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I am so pissed! I just read a Christian article on the evils of gambling. Whether or not you choose to believe that Gambling is evil is up to you… but you can’t be swayed by the foolish arguments in the article I just read. I’m not going to tell you where to find the article because I don’t want trouble, but mostly because I don’t want them to benefit from my large group of readers! I AM however, going to quote extensively from the rubbish that the writer (R. Mohler) professes (and probably fully believes).

First, he states that 1/3 of the nation’s money is spent on Gambling. If you read my posts, you know that he’s dead wrong! Truth is; 100% of all the World’s money is spent on gambling! Whether you put it under your mattress (a real gamble) or put it into savings (a real gamble) or spend it (a real gamble) it’s spent on gambling. It’s a gamble when you buy a stock, bond or commodity (but he probably thinks THAT’S alright!) It’s a gamble when you buy insurance… you know what… it’s a gamble when you pick out one head of cauliflower over the others… or when you buy cauliflower at all. More than just spending your money  goes through the process of gambling… do you not think that picking your spouse was a gamble? Yes, Christians and non-Christians… EVERY single decision you make is a gamble.

He then goes on to enlighten us with this gem: “The basic impulse behind gambling is greed-a basic sin that is the father of many other evils.” Greed – isn’t that the reason we all go to work everyday????? Isn’t that the reason we “gamble” on those aforementioned, socially acceptable stocks????? If you hear someone say that money makes the world go ’round… you’re listening to a greedy person.

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Yahoo Drops Gambling – Because of Microsoft

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I hope you all hate (hmmmm dislike) Microsoft. If not for their poor (Horrible) products, then for their poor (Horrible) business practices. (Don’t get me started – ’cause it goes all the way back to their early days – read about those pirates yourself).

Now, our beloved Yahoo has decided to get into bed with the Redmond, WA bandits. They’re merging their Search Marketing with (gag) Bing!

We who love Gambling (and that really includes EVERYONE – if you don’t believe me – stop buying Stocks, Bonds, Insurance Policies, and picking your Mate) had to leave Google… and now Yahoo too!

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What Does Money Management Really Mean?

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Today, I received the following email from one of my readers:

Dear Buzz,

I’m astounded by your free article on how to win baccarat. However, to complete the system it requires another part such as money management or whatever. Please advise.

Thank you,
Patrick Tuat

I started to answer Patrick with the usual tips and strategies re “Money Management”, when it occurred to me that the truth must be understood. I mean, it’s all well and good to talk about goals, deadlines, bankrolls, progressions etc., but the truth is: Read the rest…

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What Games Do You Play When You Hit The Casino?

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Today, I’m walking you through the Casino, and I want to expose
the best strategies along the way.

First, if you want free money Read the rest…

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Back by Popular Demand – BOG Casino

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Buzz on gambling Casino Home PageI’ve had many questions from the thousands who have viewed my Videos on Craps. A surprising number of the questions are about the Casino I used for the videos, so I decided to reopen it…

BOG Casino

In addition to recording my training videos and my marketing videos there, I just enjoy playing there.

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My Casino Slot Machines Betting Strategy Eye Opener…

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A friend, gambler and writer sent a message to me, I took him up on his challenge and was impressed. Here’s what he wrote to me:

“You have probably been searching the net for a long time to find reliable gambling system to make some easy money at the casino. I know that playing at the slot machines is more or less a question of luck. But I also know that when you employ certain strategies you can increase your odds of winning dramatically – and everybody wants to win.

As I was scouring the Internet looking for the best slots strategy I came across a system called Slots Winning System. I downloaded the e-book at and tried a few strategies at the local casino. The results were great, especially after using the money-management formula. I came home the first night with 300 bucks in profits and the second night I won even more.

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Online Gambling Site 101 – Internet Marketing Casinos

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STOP! Read the following first before tossing that dice. It may save you tons of money and a lot of heartaches.

Many gambling sites offer several promotional incentives like bonuses, guarantees, equal winning opportunities, multiple/solo player modes, higher bet limits and a whole lot more that can be quite dizzying and makes you leap into them before looking into what they really offer.

Let’s try and have a look first before you throw down that dice and before you throw away your hard-earned money and miss out on all the fun that thousands of gambling sites offer.

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Now – I’ll be OK in Ohio!

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Thank goodness someone is taking good care of me. Obviously, I can’t take care of myself! At least in Ohio…

Today, Oct 25, 2007 – Columbus, Governor Strickland today signed a law banning certain slot machines from “his” state. Oh good for him, good for the people of Ohio, and good for all free-thinking adults who may someday pass through Ohio.

What would we do without these crusaders who know what is best for us? We are not able to decide for ourselves, so someone has to do it – someone MUCH smarter than we!

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