Belmont Stakes – Animal Kingdom will NOT win!

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The great equalizer visits New York’s Belmont Stakes! [gplus count=”true” size=”Medium” ]

All this week, I felt pretty confident that AK would take this race. It definitely was his to lose! The race between between AK and Shackleford proved to be the ONLY thing to consider.

After all, S loves the front end, but can’t hold on… AK loves to come from behind to take the win… especially since the Belmont is the longest race of the Triple Crown at a mile and a half!!

How could a come-from-behind horse with the stamina of AK NOT win???

Answer: When the great equalizer comes to the track! Read the rest…

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The Roulette System – Part One

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Ah Yes… there’s nothing like real humans!

The Roulette tables were packed… so, I sat down at the Rapid Roulette game in the Venetian (where the minimum was only $5 as opposed to the tables $15 and up)… gave them $200 to get started. I had given the new Roulette System I told you about a vigorous workout in class and online before trying it for real. (Remember, I’ve always told you to stay away from roulette).

I had a class on the system earlier, and the students also went out to try it. None stayed here at the Venetian because the minimum bet was too high for the first time out. I’ll let you know how they did when I find out.

Okay – the layout at the “Rapid Roulette” game is weird – it’s Yellow and Red – not Black and Red and after your “deposit” shows up at your position, you have to touch the various dollar amounts and then touch the spot(s) on the screen representing your bet placements on the Roulette layout.

Read the rest…

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Craps + New Software = Profits For You!

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This week, I found:

a new Screen Capture Software

a new Craps Game Software

a new VoiceOver Software

… So, I wanted to try them all out.

It’s not always a good idea to try them all at once when you’ve not worked with them before.

Read the rest…

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WOW – Roulette is More Popular Than Ever!

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Recently, I sent a grouping of three, Free Roulette systems to my readers. (If you didn’t get them, email me, [buzz {at}] and I’ll get them to you). I’m really glad so many have done well with these systems (thanks for all the emails and the success stories).

Some readers have varying levels of knowledge regarding the Roulette Software programs that are available, and asked for more information. So, I responded to them with the following… Read the rest…

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Invasion of the Poker Bots. It had to happen…

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Yes, it was inevitable! Someone had to prove that computers once again are superior to human experts. They did it in 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue beat World Chess Master Gary Kasparov.

So now, a group of professors at the University of Alberta has developed “Polaris”, a computer with the ability to beat humans in Poker. The best news is this:

1) The computer lost in July – but the Profs say they’ll correct that “mistake”.

Read the rest…

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It’s Football Season…

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When summer’s in its last stages, something great happens… [tag-self]Football[/tag-self]!

And with it comes numerous opportunities; [tag-self]parties[/tag-self], [tag-self]food[/tag-self], [tag-self]TV[/tag-self], [tag-self]wagers[/tag-self], and all of it… Exciting!

So, here is my “[tag-self]recipe[/tag-self]” for fun… grab some of these goodies and the fun never stops!

The Blind Side: Evolution of a GameThe Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

Read the rest…

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Magic Wins at Roulette… Everytime!

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I wish it were so easy….

Have you played Roulette?

Have you Won at Roulette? Really?

As I see it, there are two ways to beat the wheel…

1) Use Magic

2) Use Science

Read the rest…

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How to See Your Opponents Hole Cards

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A good friend of mine has gone over the edge….

He’s gone to the Dark Side

I tried to stop him,,, I tried to help him….

But to no avail….

He’s now doing……. WAIT – Let HIM tell you personally. You see, he sent an email to me, and I want you to see what I mean:

Read the rest…

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Are You Wearing The Wrong Hat?

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My reader Bob wrote:

“Ok, I’m fed up with losing at Poker. I mean, I have a decent
winning percentage, but nowhere near what I think I deserve. Am I
thinking too much of myself? I have read books, and I do practice
online, and I win when I play at the lower levels.

But, I want to win at the higher levels. I want to win tournaments!
What am I doing wrong?”

So, my answer to Bob and any of you with this same “problem” is this:

Read the rest…

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