Missy and Buzzy sittin’ in a tree…

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Along with all of America, and hopefully a great part of the World… I’m in love with Missy Franklin. Who wouldn’t be? That winning talent and that winning smile… makes her undeniably charming and invincible. I’m so caught up in the amazing ability and personality of this young girl that I’m sorry to see swimming come to an end in this Olympics.

Young? Two things come to mind; She’s going back to her high school in two weeks with stories unimaginable by any HS Senior… anywhere…. AND, it looks like the USA swimming team might not lose a step even with Michael Phelps’ retirement… in fact it could be a new dynasty. Rio, look out; our Missy is coming!!!!

… and I can’t wait!

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Olympics Highlights and Lowlights as Buzz B Berkeley sees them…

My POV 3 Comments

I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet during these Olympics. I’ve tried to watch everything but wasn’t moved to write about them…

… until now.

It’s not congratulations that moves me… nor is it observations of the events, but observations on the Medal Ceremonies.

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I’ll Have Another Scratched from Belmont Stakes

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There will be no Triple Crown Winner – AGAIN!

Today, Trainer Doug O’Neill said that due to developing tendonitis in his horse’s foreleg, the TC hopes have come to a sad end for this year.

The horse will rest for 3 months after which his connections will decide whether to race him or retire him.

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It Stinks in Wysconsin…

My POV 1 Comment

What’s wrong with you people in Wisconsin?

How can you be convinced to vote against yourselves?

The answer to that is simple… just spend enough money and the majority can be fed crap and swallow it gladly! Carl Rove 101!

I digress:

Firstly – The republican governor retained his job. That is, the majority (?) of the people of Wisconsin have kept him in office… why?

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Youtube Dumped Me!

My POV 5 Comments

Losing a girlfriend can’t hurt this much!

I’ve been dumped!

I’m all alone now!

My publisher’s YouTube Account has been terminated!

I’ve spent years cultivating this relationship. Now who’s going to put my videos online?

I had about 70 videos and many thousands of views (nearly a quarter million). I was asked to become a “partner” with YT several times – but I always blew them off.

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Preakness Picks by Buzz B Berkeley

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 30 Comments

OK – less than two hours to go ’til the horses run the Preakness Stakes, and I’ll give you the winners now!

Not very surprisingly:

7 – Bodemeister

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Preakness Stakes – a Winner by default?

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 75 Comments

Wow! They fell like apples in a windstorm… the horses have run… away from the Preakness this year!

… and then there were eleven! Yes, only 11 horses will compete for the win in the second jewel in the Triple Crown.

This could mean that we’ll have a TC winner this year because no one showed up. OR… they’re all planning to spoil the chances by resting for the third leg; the Belmont Stakes.

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Megan Hilty Scores another SMASH Hit with “I’ll Have Another”

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 12 Comments

I love her on Broadway (especially in “Wicked” where I believe she improved on Kristin Chenoweth’s Glinda), I love her on TV as “Ivy” the star of “Smash”… why oh why did I not listen to her in Louisville? She picked “I’ll have Another” to win the Kentucky Derby. I overlooked him completely!

Megan – I’ll never doubt you again!

It was an impressive win over a very tired “Bodemeister” who had set record breaking splits during the race. Why? I’m so surprised that Mike Smith rode him so hard instead of letting him relax and settle in behind the speedster “Trinniberg”. We all knew only two things about this race:

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Kentucky Derby Day…

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 5 Comments

Well, here it is – one of my favorite days of the year. Kentucky Derby Day!

First – Congratulations to the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Oaks; Rosie Napravnik. Of course, the horse deserves some of the credit. So Congratulations to  “Believe You Can”. The owners, trainers and handlers all Believed!

So, now comes the biggie: the Kentucky Derby. This, the 138th running is impossible to figure. I’ve been sure of my picks in the past (right or wrong), but this year – it’s the most open field as far as possible winners go that I can remember.

My favorite since the Arkansas Derby (as you know, Oaklawn is my favorite track), Bodemeister is likely to become everyone’s favorite come post time. I’d like to get a better price on him, but now you all know he’s the fastest of the field. He has as many triple digit Beyers as does the rest of the field – combined! His 3 are better than their three – na na na na… na na!  LOL

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Kentucky Derby

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 14 Comments

If you’re a true horse lover… and the Kentucky Derby gets you excited… this has to give you “goosies”:

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow… you’re more than just a day away!


Kentucky Derby – Post Positions didn’t change anything!

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 33 Comments

The Post Positions have been announced, and nothing’s changed!

 Usually, the PP dictates changes in the Pre-PP odds, but not this year. None of my favorites are substantially affected by their PP… so here are my picks:

1: Bodemeister
2: Union Rags
3: Dullahan

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Kentucky Derby as Buzz B Berkeley sees it…

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 40 Comments

I’ve been uncharacteristic this year in my coverage of the Kentucky Derby for 2012. There are so many reasons for this that I hardly know where to start.

But, start I must, so here goes:

“Back in the day” – it used to be so much less complicated to pick a winning horse. Not easier, just less complicated. I used a tiny “computer” from Radio shack. I wrote a program in “Basic” that was a very efficient numbers cruncher. That’s all we had to go on… numbers. We had the (limited) Past Performances and the Daily Racing Form – Period.

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Online Gambling – the Hens or the Fox?

Gambling Law, My POV 4 Comments

LAS VEGAS — There is a call for MORE Federal Regulation over Gambling on the Internet. It’s been a year since “Black Friday” when the FBI shut down “Full Tilt Poker”, “PokerStars” and “Absolute Poker”.

Now I’m not saying that was a bad thing. Several execs and celebs were charged with serious felonies. So – Good!… Good Riddance… GoodBye Bad Guys. But, that left the US players with serious holes in their gambling time (and bankrolls).

What’s left for a Poker Player to do? Read the rest…


Kentucky Derby Update…

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 9 Comments

The dust is settling a bit now that the final two prep races are history.

History, but not historic… at least not obviously historic.

We’ve witnessed greatness fall to mediocrity… we’ve watched mediocrity gain greatness… We’re seeing the Kentucky Derby field more clearly now that there are only 3 weeks to wait for it.

And that 3 weeks is critical. Is it too short a time to come back from a big race and run a mile and a quarter? Can an easy win in the Arkansas Derby mean that Bodemeister ran too fast and hurt his chances to win the Kentucky Derby – OR – did it mean that he had no problem with the field today, no problem with the track today… and depending upon how he comes out of this race… will he be a favorite on the 1st day of May?

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Buzz B Berkeley’s Hidden Passion Plus the “Blue Grass Stakes”

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV 4 Comments

Yep, I have a “hidden passion”. My close friends and my relatives know about this… and now so too will my readers…

It’s a guilty pleasure. There are obvious reasons for my keeping this from you. Repercussions you know. Too often this passion causes assumptions (warranted or not) that one may not want to address. I however, don’t fit the “stereotypical” fan of this activity. This is something that gets me excited… watching it! I don’t participate, not because I’m left-handed (the reason I can’t participate in Jai Alai), but because 1 – I’m too old for it, and 2 – I lack the talent necessary for it…

I admire those who do participate at ANY level, and hold in awe those professionals that do it day in and day out – tirelessly and with seemingly unearthly abilities! It gives me the “goosies” as J-Lo likes to call them.

Last night I watched a very talented group of teenagers do it. I was amazed! They did it like they had been doing it for longer than their young lives would allow. Where do they learn these things? How did they get so good at it?

Of course, I’m talking about… Read the rest…

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Winning Craps Money – 2012

Casino Gambling, Craps, ebooks, Hot Buys, My POV, Online Gambling 3 Comments

I just released my latest digital version of “Winning Craps Money” for the Amazon Kindle. There are no changes in the strategies, but I added new pictures and some practice session tables.

I inserted two “optional plays” that I hadn’t covered in the last version; “Oddsman Betting” and “Don’t Buys”.

The Clickbank version will soon be changed as well.

Yesterday, Amazon shipped my new proofs to me, after they arrive, I’ll be making the soft-cover book available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s Nook and in their stores as well. I’ll be putting up the iBook version soon too.

This morning I was asked a question by a reader (Thanks P. Shumanski)…

“Just read the new version of your e book on craps. Very good! I have a question you may want the reader to know. If you have say 4 numbers covered and the point is 6, the shooter makes the point and you lose the 6 but still have 3 covered numbers left on the table. On the come out roll the shooter rolls a 7 and both sides win, you and the shooter. Do you bet against him on the new come out point since he rolled a natural 7 even though we won?”

That’s a great question, and the answer is:

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Kentucky Derby as Buzz B Berkeley sees it…

Horseracing Handicapping, My POV, Recreation and Sports 4 Comments

The Sport of Kings… the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports…

That’s not idle banter. We’ve been saying that for decades – and for good reason. The Kentucky Derby and its siblings (they’d hate me for that – so don’t tell them) are coming. And that’s exciting stuff!

I love the KD, not because it’s the most popular horse race in America, not because it signals Springtime, not because it’s a great opportunity for handicappers and gamers, but because: OK – all of them!

I used to live racing…. that’s all I did for 3 years… and it consumed me too. In order to be successful at handicapping, you’ll have to spend countless hours studying the horses and their connections. When I say hours… I mean it! I would handicap the day’s races over breakfast…. and again at night after leaving the track.

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Buzz B Berkeley and the Portland Trailblazers

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My Love/Hate relationship continues! This organization is such a mess… it’s total chaos down there at TB Central!

I have inside information here… inside my head… I hear voices you know! Once in awhile my voices tell me rumors, sometimes they tell me more than that… sometimes they even speak truth! I never know what to believe until it’s confirmed in the various “trusted” sources.

So, what’s up with the Trailblazers anyway? What do my voices tell me about their recent decisions? Why did they do the massive dance on March 15th? What was their motivation?

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NBA, Basketball, and the Ides of March

My POV, Recreation and Sports, Sports Betting 2 Comments

Shhhhhh…. Can you hear it?

There’s a loud roar coming from the Pacific Northwest… If you listen closely, you’ll hear laughter, crying, joy, despair… yes, it’s a cacophony of human outcry…

The Trailblazers slashed and cut and maimed and yes… killed like Brutus and the Gang of Senators attacking Caesar.

Fired: Head Coach Nate McMillan

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Gambling and the Churches

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I am so pissed! I just read a Christian article on the evils of gambling. Whether or not you choose to believe that Gambling is evil is up to you… but you can’t be swayed by the foolish arguments in the article I just read. I’m not going to tell you where to find the article because I don’t want trouble, but mostly because I don’t want them to benefit from my large group of readers! I AM however, going to quote extensively from the rubbish that the writer (R. Mohler) professes (and probably fully believes).

First, he states that 1/3 of the nation’s money is spent on Gambling. If you read my posts, you know that he’s dead wrong! Truth is; 100% of all the World’s money is spent on gambling! Whether you put it under your mattress (a real gamble) or put it into savings (a real gamble) or spend it (a real gamble) it’s spent on gambling. It’s a gamble when you buy a stock, bond or commodity (but he probably thinks THAT’S alright!) It’s a gamble when you buy insurance… you know what… it’s a gamble when you pick out one head of cauliflower over the others… or when you buy cauliflower at all. More than just spending your money  goes through the process of gambling… do you not think that picking your spouse was a gamble? Yes, Christians and non-Christians… EVERY single decision you make is a gamble.

He then goes on to enlighten us with this gem: “The basic impulse behind gambling is greed-a basic sin that is the father of many other evils.” Greed – isn’t that the reason we all go to work everyday????? Isn’t that the reason we “gamble” on those aforementioned, socially acceptable stocks????? If you hear someone say that money makes the world go ’round… you’re listening to a greedy person.

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