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Hi Friend,

I just returned from a very fun outing….

My Insurance man has been handling my Insurance for 30 years.

Obviously, in that amount of time, he and I have struck up a friendship.
BUT – it’s NOT about Insurance…. to me, that’s a very dull subject.

No, he and I have another passion: Horseracing!

It began in the 70’s when our reserved tables were next to each other
in the Jockey Club at our local track.

We both had horses that ran there, but he went a huge step further
and became a horse breeder.

… and he’s still at it today!

So we discuss this every chance we get, and our conversations are
advanced, and we can pretty much finish each other’s sentences….

AS LONG AS IT’S ABOUT HORSERACING…. anything else, and
our conversations revert to those of strangers!

So, back to my story…. we were conversing like we do… but kept
getting interrupted by the people with us who were new to
Horseracing because they thought we were speaking some foreign

I realized how newbies in every subject are at a disadvantage
when they don’t know the vocabulary of the subject at hand.

This is also evident by the tone of the emails I receive from Casino
bettors and Sports bettors who want to bet on the ponies, but don’t
know how.

I believe that there are many of you reading this that feel exactly
the same way!

One thing has always amazed me about bettors…. they often
don’t study or even attempt to learn the craft before jumping in!

I can’t imagine any other profession where someone wants to become
proficient in it without “going to school on the subject”!

Do you know whether or not your family Doctor studied medicine?

Did your computer repairman study computers?

….how about your Barber or Hairstylist?

My Barber flies commercial aircraft for a hobby! …. just kidding!

So, given that it’s true that professionals learn and study their vocational

… what makes a bettor any different?

So, claim your copy of my FREE Newsletter Read them, underline them, and
re-read them…. Take copious notes!

Then, subscribe to the “Daily Racing Form” and get to know the
objects that will make your fortune for you….

the Horses,
the Trainers,
the Jockeys,
the Owners,
the Breeders,
the lineage

….plus the types of
track surfaces,
weather conditions,
lengths of races,
conditions of races,
types of ratings,

and histories of all of that!

Are you freaking out?

Don’t - If you’re not willing or able to make this a full-time job,
then you still have a chance.

You STILL must be familiar with everything I mentioned above, but
without daily studying of the variables, just know what they mean…..

….and then rely on a handicapper to keep up with everything for you!

You still need the “Daily Racing Form”, but you can buy just one issue
at a time…

… BUT, you can buy the picks from many handicappers and make
their picks – your plays!

Or, you can just take various pieces of information from the
“Daily Racing Form” and digest it yourself… using just certain
pieces of information, and comparing those variables on the
different horses in a given race.

By eliminating those facts that you deem unnecessary, you’ll end up
with the “cream” at the top, and therefore quite able to make very
intelligent choices.

I have written a book that will take you through all the facts, bits, and
pieces of information available to you, and I show you how to make the
camparisons that separate the probable winner from all the rest!

Just go sign up for my FREE Newsletter at:

and reply to the “welcome email” with: “Send me the book on Horseracing”.

… and I’ll send you the link!

’til then,

Buzz B Berkeley

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