It Stinks in Wysconsin…

4:21 am My POV
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What’s wrong with you people in Wisconsin?

How can you be convinced to vote against yourselves?

The answer to that is simple… just spend enough money and the majority can be fed crap and swallow it gladly! Carl Rove 101!

I digress:

Firstly – The republican governor retained his job. That is, the majority (?) of the people of Wisconsin have kept him in office… why?

Well, if you believe the poison you’ve been fed, it’s because he created a surplus of some $90M to the state where there was a deficit of some $3 Billion. And he did it without any tax increases!

Impressive! But at what cost? He saved that money by reducing the pay of the slaves – oops – the workers of the state.

If that’s not proof that republicans hate you – I don’t know what is!

Unless you’re a Billionaire or at least a Multi-Millionaire, republicans hate you! They will take away your rights, your pay, your job, and your home to increase the wealth of the top 1%.


Are you people stupid?

Fact: the republicans outspent the democrats EIGHT to ONE in this Wisconsin battle. And most of that money came from OUTSIDE the state! THAT’s how they defeated the recall of Gov. Walker!

Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Doesn’t that show you how wealthy the republicans are? Doesn’t that show you that they are willing to spend whatever it takes to win a political battle and to suppress the vanishing middle class? Doesn’t that scare you? It should!

Aren’t you sick of getting beat up? Why did you let their poisoned money convince you to vote against your own best interests? WHY?

I hope the other 49 states are smarter than Wisconsin!

And what does this mean for the Presidential race? The Wisconsin polls indicated that Obama still leads in the state. You Cheeseheads (oh NOW I get why they call you that!!!!) have a chance to redeem yourselves in November.

You know, I used to say this as a joke… but now, it’s not funny, and I mean it:

We don’t need no stinkin’ Badgers!

Let’s spell Wisconsin with a “Y” .. (Wysconsin) so it can indeed be the LAST state in our Union!  … ’cause it looks like it’s the Dumbest!

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  1. Cybermark Says:

    i love this blog, keep the posts coming!

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