Baccarat Made Easy!

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I’m often asked about Casino games, and a common question is “What’s the Easiest Casino Game to Play?”

Of course, that’s a difficult question to answer, and yet an easy one to answer as well.

Let me explain….

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Are You Wearing The Wrong Hat?

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My reader Bob wrote:

“Ok, I’m fed up with losing at Poker. I mean, I have a decent
winning percentage, but nowhere near what I think I deserve. Am I
thinking too much of myself? I have read books, and I do practice
online, and I win when I play at the lower levels.

But, I want to win at the higher levels. I want to win tournaments!
What am I doing wrong?”

So, my answer to Bob and any of you with this same “problem” is this:

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When’s the right time to push all-in?

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I always know when I’m at a table playing with a fish. He’s the guy
that keeps going all-in. Sure he steals a few pots, and maybe even
gets called, then sucks out and doubles up. Playing like this is known
as “loose – aggressive”, and it’s generally not the way to go.

There is a time and place for everything. “Loose – aggressive” plays
well when you’re short handed or heads – up. The rest of the time,
you should be playing “tight – aggressive”.

When the other players spot a loose guy, they sit back and let him
win a few blinds, then take all his chips when he goes all-in with a
crap hand. When making a big bet while playing Texas holdem, timing
and table image have a lot to do with winning or losing.

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Online Casino Expert ‘Breaks the Rules’

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I came across a new site the other day, Casino Cash Cow and as
you may know I am very skeptical when it comes to sites that claim
to be able to beat roulette or blackjack.

But I thought I would read it anyway and see what new piece of
rubbish was out, claiming to always beat the house etc.

To my surprise this guy actually admits that it is not possible to beat
roulette or blackjack! This was different, I was intrigued and had to
find out…

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Hi Friend,

I just returned from a very fun outing….

My Insurance man has been handling my Insurance for 30 years.

Obviously, in that amount of time, he and I have struck up a friendship.
BUT – it’s NOT about Insurance…. to me, that’s a very dull subject.

No, he and I have another passion: Horseracing!

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